Facility Information

The URVMS Vehicle Storage Facility (VSF) is operating for the City of El Paso and is tasked with responsibility for the impoundment and release of vehicles that have been wrecked, in violation of municipal ordinances, or recovered, and also for vehicles belonging to prisoners as well as other vehicles involved in various police investigations.

The Vehicle Storage Facility maintains a database to track vehicles that are brought to the Vehicle Storage Impound Lot.

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Location Of Facility

City Of El Paso Municipal Vehicle Storage Facility
11615 Railroad Drive
El Paso, Texas 79934

(915) 212-0205

Open 24 hours

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Reclaiming Your Vehicle

To reclaim your vehicle from the Vehicle Storage Facility, you should follow the steps listed below:

Determine That Your Vehicle Is At The Vehicle Storage Facility

  1. A vehicle may be towed if it is in a wreck or has been abandoned.
  2. A vehicle is towed when its driver is arrested.
  3. Recovered stolen vehicles are also towed to the Vehicle Storage Facility.
  4. You may access the vehicle storage database through the site.
  5. You may contact our office at: (915) 212-0205.
  6. The driver does not have a driver's license.
  7. The vehicle database directory includes all vehicles currently at the Vehicle Storage Facility.


Determine The Charges On Your Vehicle

  • Charges Include:
    1. Towing (see schedule of costs below)
    2. Impound Fee ($20)
    3. Daily Storage Fee ($20 + tax each day) - A daily storage fee may be charged for any part of the day, except that a daily storage fee may not be charged for more than one day if the vehicle remains at the VSF less than 12 hours. In this statement a 'day' is considered to begin and end at midnight. And over-sized vehicles are charged $35.00 per day.
    4. Notification Fee: $50 (Applied only after vehicle has been in storage for 24hrs or more and if notification letter has been sent out)
  • Charges are listed in the Vehicle Database List or can be accessed by phone.
  • All charges are current and correct only through midnight on the day they are listed/quoted.
  • Minimum Towing Charges (Approximate):
Light-Duty Wrecker Tow
Flatbed Tow
Dollies (if necessary)
Medium-Duty Wrecker Tow
Per 2hr Minimum
Heavy-Duty Wrecker Hookup

*Fuel surcharge as required

Notice: Before You Go To The Vehicle Storage Facility, Please Read The Following Information Below:

Call the VSF at (915) 212-0205 to make sure your vehicle is released for pick-up (some vehicles have a "hold" and cannot be released).

Non-Owners: Call the Vehicle Storage Facility at (915) 212-0205 to learn what additional documents you must bring if you are not the legal, registered owner (on the title) of the vehicle you wish to pick up (if you are acting as an agent for the owner).

The VSF Vehicle Impound Is Open 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week.

  • Vehicles may be claimed 24 hours a day
  • The vehicle's owner must bring the following to claim a vehicle:
    1. A valid photo issued ID (Federal or State)
    2. Must bring one of the following: Registration, Title or Insurance
    3. Balance owed
    4. Call (915) 212-0205 for additional instruction(s), if owner is unable to claim vehicle

Payment May Be Made Through Any Of The Following:

  • Cash
  • A 1.98% government fee will be assessed for credit cards.
    Credit cards accepted:Discover Credit CardMastercard Credit CardVisa Credit Card