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The UR VMS Commitment
We've built our brand on consistently delivering results to our partners based on three pillars:



"Highway incidents cause about 25% of the total congestion on roads. One blocked lane out of three will reduce traffic flow by 50%; two blocked lanes will reduce it by 80%"
Source quote: US Department of Transportation

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United Road Vehicle Management Solutions (UR VMS) has also been an integral partner and assisted in creating many Motorist Assistance Solutions to what they are today. Due to the aggressive concentration in the Traffic Incident Management field these programs are essential to ensure your highways are free of any disabled vehicles that may result in congestion delays.

The service is provided to the general public on all major highways and our program has received high praise from all levels of government. One of UR VMS's current programs provides assistance to approximately 230,000 motorists and covers over 650,000 miles annually.

UR VMS has a variety of customized solutions that have reduced costs and added revenue to local municipalities, state and federal government agencies throughout the country.

PARTNERSHIPS have so many advantages � it's no wonder United Road Vehicle Management Solutions is already the solution of choice in many cities and states.

Turn your vehicle management expenses and hassles into worry-free profit centers, with United Road Vehicle Management Solutions.

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