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The UR VMS Commitment
We've built our brand on consistently delivering results to our partners based on three pillars:



Get the best possible price for any unclaimed vehicle

Using proprietary marketing techniques and advances in technology, UR Vehicle Management Solutions can get the best possible price for any type of abandoned or unclaimed vehicle. Through our auction sites, as well as other avenues, UR Vehicle Management Solutions sells approximately 60,000 vehicles annually.

We've built an optimal environment for selling abandoned and unclaimed vehicles through targeted marketing, proprietary technology, strong customer service, and a dedicated recurring buyer base.

Targeted Marketing
Implement disciplined advertisement strategies to key market segments and demographics

Radio advertisements

Conduct special promotional auctions

Proprietary Technology
Use of internet techniques to accept online bidding

Diplay all vehicles available for sale on auction website days prior to the auction

On-line virtual dealership

Customer Service
Using customer relationship marketing techniques, UR VMS has built a strong recurring buyer base

Bilingual services available to all of our customers

Discount programs available for recurring buyers

Visit our auction site to see our process in action. www.goodbuyautoauction.com

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