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The UR VMS Commitment
We've built our brand on consistently delivering results to our partners based on three pillars:



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Unmatched process and reputation

UR VMS knows it is imperative to maintain the chain of custody for all vehicles that are, or may be, considered as evidence in a crime. UR VMS notes it may be necessary to maintain this chain of custody over the course of many years. As a result, UR VMS has been successful in managing over 300,000 vehicles annually providing accurate documentation from inception to customer pick up or disposition.

UR VMS has utilized their vast experience and developed the best Chain of Custody process and reputation in the industry.

One of the best compliments we received was from the Los Angels Police Department itself. During the OJ Simpson trial another Official Police Garage (OPG) was holding the now famous Bronco on their premises. A major issue arose during the case about the vehicle's viability as evidence and the first action taken by the Police Department was to transfer the Bronco to a UR VMS Company, Keystone Towing, evidentiary hold facility. We were selected out of 18 official police garages in Los Angeles to hold this high profile vehicle. Since that time we have often been called upon to store other high profile vehicles.

Security is our priority

custody securityFrom the time of the vehicle's arrival, neither our employees nor the general public has access to this area ensuring its safety. Since our dispatch centers are manned 24 - 7, 365 days a year, the Police Department is able to access evidence via a random numeric code given at the time of their arrival. That code allows them access for that single visit and then is de-activated. They also must sign into a log documenting several reasons for their visit.

Designated employees and management have their own card which can be swiped for entrance when necessary. All access to the area by designated employees or by Police Department personnel is logged into the electronic access system thereby tracking times of entrance and exit. In addition, we maintain video surveillance on and in the Evidentiary Hold Facility.

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