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The UR VMS Commitment
We've built our brand on consistently delivering results to our partners based on three pillars:



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Advanced technology produces measurable results

In today's fast moving competitive business environment, municipalities increasingly demand that IT investments demonstrate value through measurable results. UR VMS has been instrumental in developing a proprietary process that not only creates value but delivers transparency.

With the help of cutting-edge vehicle management technology, UR VMS has streamlined the following processes:

Dispatch Command Centers

  • Global Positioning System (GPS) has been integrated with our proprietary dispatch software to ensure the closest truck is dispatched to the scene. Been successful in maintaining an average of 15 minute response times.

    Benefit to City: Police officers are released from accident scene to fight crime rather then wait for a service provider.

  • Mobile Data Terminals deliver accurate information from our dispatch centers to the trucks, eliminating radio congestion and inaccurate interpretation of information over the radio.

    Benefit to City: Accurate information is captured and delivered to ensure vehicle processing is streamlined. Has delivered an accurate beneficial foundation for future vehicle lookup.

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Vehicle Storage Facilities

  • Integrated vehicle intake process - Real time updates.

    Benefit to City: Customers can look up vehicle information via website or telephone reducing the impact of having your vehicle impounded.
    • Information processing via website � Instantly available
    • Information retrieval via telephone � 38 seconds

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Fully integrated Operations

  • UR VMS's towing, inventory management, and vehicle sales software tracks the life of the vehicle from the initial tow (including related charges) to the eventual redemption or sale. The software tracks the entire lifecycle of the vehicle and even manages the lien processing process.
    • Able to create customizable reports and queries
    • Back-end of the software is flexible to link with municipal systems to continuously update in REAL TIME.
    • System already links to UR VMS's accounting software.

    Benefit to City: Ensures every vehicle consignment meets or exceeds the requirements of the contract, legal obligations and protects the chain of custody.

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Our dedication to technology delivers outstanding service, accurate information available for customized Revenue Sharing Programs, complete TRANSPARENCY, and measurable SAVINGS.

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